Rovaniemi Aviation Map, ANC 2091a, 25 APR 2019

Rovaniemi Aviation Map, ANC 2091a, 25 APR 2019

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This map is valid from 25th April 2019.

Karttakeskus is the publisher of ANC Aviation maps, but ANS Finland provides aviation elements for the maps and is the owner of the data. Maps are delivered as flat sheets and the legend is on the other side of the map. The map can be ordered from our online store also as water sustainable print on plastic.

The amendments made to the maps after the announcement has to be reviewed from the Aeronautical Information Services page under "AIS products and services" > "Descriptions of products and services" > "Corrections to ANC 1:500 000 charts".

Questions and feedback of the information content or publishing schedule of the maps:

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Sizes of the maps:

Helsinki East 89,3x70,0 cm
Ivalo 87,9x60,8 cm
Kuopio 77,3x67,5 cm
Oulu 101,3x81,5 cm
Rovaniemi 75,5x62,9 cm
Southern Finland 113,5x86,0 cm
Vaasa 82,1x70,0 cm
Helsinki West 92,4x78,0 cm

1:500 000


75,5 x 62,9 cm

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n. 4-6 arkipäivää