Road Map Finland 1:1.6 M

Road Map Finland 1:1.6 M

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The YT Road Map is the traditional map of Finland published by Karttakeskus, with the help of which you can see the whole country with a glance. In the north it stretches to the Norwegian Lofoten and the Arctic Ocean, while in the Baltic Sea it covers the Swedish coast north of Stockholm and the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland from Tallinn to Saint Petersburg.

The YT Road Map has general information about Finland. The map sheet shows the relative heights, the waterways and the primary urban areas. The roads are shown at the level of the main road system. In addition, driving distances have been marked and there is a table of distances between major towns.

The YT Road Map is for all those who wish to have a general view of Finland. Travelling routes are easy to plan when you can see the main road system.

1:1 600 000


60 x 84 cm


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