Information to our resellers

Karttakeskus product assortement includes variety of maps, road maps, hiking guides and bicycle maps, terrain maps as well as aviation and maritime maps. Finnish maps, atlases and map books are a center for publishing and they have been made by Karttakeskus's own experts.

Karttakeskus has image bank. From the image bank can be found the cover pictures of the products we manufacture. If you lack any picture that can not found from the picture bank, please send an inquiry to the sales(at) Some product samples can also be found from Karttakeskus's Issuu site.

Catalogues might also be handy at every work. Karttakeskus publishes yearly Karttaluettelo and Merikartat catalogues. These can be found at Karttakeskus's Issuu site or/and ordered as printed. Catalogue inquieries are advised to send to myynti(at)