About Karttakeskus

Karttakeskus (Map Center) is the leading Finnish map publisher as well as retailer and distributor of both Finnish and international map products. Karttakeskus publishes maps, books and digital applications for consumer markets, as well as various educational materials. Other product lines are outdoor maps, hiking guides, forestry books and related non-fiction books. We are also the publisher of the Finnish Aeronautical Charts (produced by ANS Finland Oy). Some of the best known product brands of Karttakeskus are Loisto navigation applications, Paraskartta print on demand map service and different kinds of road maps.

Karttakeskus also produces location data sets for business customers and activities. We use our up-to-date map data to produce various custom-made map products and business gifts. For more than 20 years we have helped our customers to exploit the power of location providing support for decision making in public and private organizations.

Karttakeskus belongs to the Tapio Group. In addition to media and publishing products and services, Tapio Group provides consulting and forestry-related expert services, auditing, training and various digital information services and products.

Are you interested in distributing Karttakeskus products? Please contact: myynti(at)karttakeskus.fi